daes (:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

12 feb 08

Happie Burfdae to You , Mummy ^^

14 feb 08

Happie Valentine's Dae (:

wat do valentines mean to u? there are all diff meaning to diff ppl (:..
n so todae i don get anything from my bf.. n now im trying to manja n jealouse for an hour.. my sister DON HAVE a bf BUT she get 2 presents & 1 BOUQUET of roses.. n i HAVE a bf BUT i DONT get anything.. SOB! n not even a sweet valentines msg.. sobb.. ignore..
den and im on da fone wit josh just now.. n we were chatchat.. den turns to our JOKE.. im trying to learn english.. den i ask him : wat do u call " kecil hati " in ENGLISH ? . den he replied n said : " SMALL HEART " .. .wth???? valentine he joke wit me n im laughing like hell !! hahahahaa.. den i ask.. : wat is de proper word of " 1 stick of rose " .. is ther any suit word for it ? den he replied : SEBATANG BUNGA .. =.= im learning n he joking !! hahahaha.. swtnya laaa.. ok laa.. i don feel manja now d.. thx for da joke kay papa.. hahahahaha...

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