dae (:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

todae.. went out watch movie wit my boi (: Cj7 & Kung Fu Dunk..
Cj7 i watch till cry.. when de Stephen died dat part.. den finish 1st movie.. me n my boi go take picture ^^ after taking picture we continue wit Kung Fu Dunk .. n is seriously so " kua jueng " but it nice.. n Jay chou seems cute n nerd wit dat hairstyle.. hahaha.. n d ending part kinda touching n inside got 2guys i dont know wat their name.. they are kinda preety boy ^^ i meant lengzai.. kekeke.. well de 20mints badmood part im not gonna write it down.. so dis is d end for today 1st (: mayb later going out wit mummy at curve or where else to have dinner ^^ .. tataxx

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