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Monday, January 28, 2008

27. Jan. 08

today..11am.. me follow my uncle n my cousin sis wit my 2 sis n grandma to sunway for shopping ^^. so after we reach there.. we have our breakfast 1st..guess wat? i saw chui ling there.. she just sitting beside us!! i wantto take pics wit her but she eating n im sure she know i keep look at her non stop!! hahaa.. den me n my jie go buy shirt & me n her buy 1 Be@rbrick sling bag ^^ .. lalaaa.. finish shopping they decide to go to jusco so i ma walkwalk at there lor.. n buy few shirts there.. after that.. and and and.. we all go to JCO doughnut for tea time ^^.. we all 1dozen wit all diff flavor.. heaven berry ^^ n after that.. i saw MAY.. hahaa. wit her mom .. hmm den me n my sis decide to go to PINK PUSSYCAT!!.. hahaa all 50%... don care. must buy man!!! den i buy 1 shirt.. original coast rm170++ den got 50% is err.. rm85??.. wtv laa.. i just love it!! n so dis coming sat im going wit my dear to go buy 2more shirts from ther !! hahahaa.. around 6pm.. we go to damansara the " cow car water ".. (translate from chinese ).. to see my fav start!! but so sad.. she come around 9something. but i gtg. .so sob. cant see her.. waawaaa.. i lvoe seh si man !!!

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