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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1st jan 08
todae.. early morning.. we go to puay chai to look for de book shop wether it open or not. den go to taman sea to look for my class n my sis class.. n the guard says : " guru dah pesan hari ni tak boleh masuk. besok la mui. " fine la.. den we go to summit to make my mom sim card.. after buying her sim card .. den she saw some cheap fone wit better function.. so she buy it ^^ hmmm den we got nth to walk .. we go to klang parade to buy my sis schl bad n my schl shoe.. haha.. finally i've found " my " shoe.. keke.. before that .. we go to DOM KXXXXX wtv. i cant rmb da name.. it a japanese restaurant.. n we eat untill rm120 ++ @@" my god .. hmm den we go to my grandhse to collect money from my aunt.. den we go home... while we reach ss2.. my grandpa call my dad to say someone bring my mom's purse back.. OMG !! SURE ANOT ?? den we fast rush home.. n IT TRUE !! my mom n sis's ic are all in credit card bla bla.. but oni fone gone.. but we're so happi n thx to de 3 guy.. ( i can swear they are not malaysian but its a gud studies boy la ) .. my grandpa give them money they dont want.. =D
haha.. 2008 .. my mom got back luck !! yay .. hehe
p/s : really hope 2008 will turn my families luck to gud luck ^^

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