Thursday, January 10, 2008

graaahhh!!! so sad so pist!!! y TM so sux 1??? hse line keep blurblur.. cant on9!! finally now OK ABIT edi.. better than nth laa... schll.. nice (: so pn.kwang gonna teach us PJK... the " crass stand".. uhh... n dis yr almost all teachers have change!!! all soooo strick.. (wtv la duno how to spell ^^) .. n frens change.. hahaa.. da cute may n sam keep say " u've change ~~ " uh... hahaa.. n i duno y i love to say " adui " dis word edi.. hahaa.. n ermmm.. in class.. our group of frens.. most of us get to be 1 of the B.O.D in class.. except for mayyyyy.. n kenneth.. has argue wit shareen ytd just bcox of his bottle.. =.= n y must he to b so freakin serious in erything? u know...??? FRENS use to JOKE sometimes la okay... if u take erything single words to be so serious den dont u feel dat's so freakin bored in frens???? adui... *haha..

so todae we went sunway for shopping n d end nth to buy.. so we went to DU there.. there got butik (how to spell in english? hehe) den brought 3 shirts.. ^^ mom oso.. den go home looor... =D

n so tmr got schl den go tuition.. sobbb..

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