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Monday, January 21, 2008

muahahaa.. n soooo finally i can on9 back... muahahahaa.. k la im bit crazy bcox i can on9 ALREADY ppl!! kekeex..
so ermmm.. i know u guys do really feel very bored of my blog cox i nvr update my blog for so long.. so now im here to update la k.. ^^
hmm let see.. so i duno wat hapen to me dis yr.. have changed... kakakaaa.. my english pernounsation have turn "kek-kek dei" d.. correct i pernounce as connect.. make ur decision i said make ur decide.. graaahhhh.. sam n josh n may they keep making joke of it so.. OK LOR.. heheee.. den todae i keep telling cold jokes to sam.. =.=" swt.. n so josh had came to my tuition center wit me for BM n MAYB mt too (: kekekeee..
k laaa.. i duno wat to write for now.. n im gonna update n change my picture here.. so n im busy go on9 search my wtv stuff n mayb go to my mapleeee... kekekeee.. ^^
tataaa (:

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