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Sunday, January 27, 2008

n so today.. atnite.. my mom got 2 free ticket for de Astro Wah Lai Toi star voting bla bla.. duno wat it call in english.. cause we have oni 2 tickets so only me n my sis went ^^. waaaa.. so many stars... my fave men start , Bosco & girl start , Seh Si Man.. ^^ lalaa.. n there's so many star laa.. n got Miss Malaysia.. got the Racken Force.. Malaysia singer.. waaa.. nice! hahaa.. n they have small dramas.. n guess wat???? the make-up artist.. a guy.. a cute& handsome guy!!!! sit besides me.. den sudenly shift to infront of me.. i keep " sao " at him.. n he keep " sao " at me.. hahaaa.. he dam cute la !! just dat his voice bit " taokei " .. but he is cute !! arghh.. i don dare he go forward to know him.. but wen im on da fone wit my aunt.. he say " don warry laaa ".. hahaa.. den when end d.. my sis say got football.. den he say.. " football ? where? ".. hahaa.. den when me n my sis wanna go d.. he say byebye.. aaaaaAAaaaaaAaa !!!!! sob.. no chance to know him.. * but i can feel dat he want to know me *.. muahahahahahha i know it perasan but it so obvios.. n i dont know how to explain laa... aaaaa... heheheee.. so it de end for todae (:.. i'll nvr forget him man!!! waaaaaa.. ~ crazeee liaoo
seh si man !! my fave star (:

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