Whassup 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi guys, how's life? Mine great :) Haven't been blogging since .. idontknowhowlong. Been up to parties, studies, working, hangout .. haha .. I love my life. :)

It's 364th day of 2011. I'm not gonna say it's all a disaster, but most of it. At least my life spiced up from October till Now with all the events, parties, work, woohoo! So yea, whatssup 2011. Let's recall abit.

One thing i'll never ever forget in 2011 is .. Spending of RM5k to change my whole life Click Here.
In the month of CNY, February ..
I was having 11 years, yes, ELEVEN YEARS of in-grown-toe-nail. I never ever get to wear pretty shoes, high heels. I don't even wanna wear slipper to show my toe. I'm forever feeling awkward when i have to take off my shoe and go in to my friend's house. Cus my toe is so ugly and it smells. not only ONE toe, but BOTH BIG TOES. I never forget that i've cried in the public because i've shopped 8hours but get no shoe. I will never forget the moment my doctor tell me that my toes aint gonna heal, because there's no any specialist for this and bla bla shits, at that moment and after, i really thought of suicide. I mean, i gave up everything, i cried and all.. till my mom found this doctor in a hospital .. & now, spending rm5k, my life changed. Thanks mom, thanks god. :)

In the month of March, my birthday. :) I met my beloved one.

It's Jay Chou in the house. :D Yes, it was his concert in malaysia in March. I will never forget the amount i've spent for his concert. Rm800+. How nice.

Owh, one thing in January..

It's #naanofmaibusiness ! Woohoo .. It was memorable and fun and exciting and challenging and we won ! :D

Elder sister married on the month of July. :D (Here.)
That was awesome, being the bridesmaid for the first time and last. haha ..

Owh, something challenging in 2011.
It's Broga Hill.

Had my both first time work, i mean, something new to me :)

 Federal Girl.
A monk for cosplay :)

Then come to the month of November and December, it's all about the party !!

 Thirst Preview Party.

No to forget that me & bff built our own team to work for event management. Our first project was SMK Taman Sea Prom Night 2011 :) 

So many things happened in a year, especially 2011. Majority are downwards. But it's coming up when coming to the end of 2011. Aint a good year thou. Learnt and grown so much this year, things changed, mindset changed, life changed, :) People come and go, so do some of my friends. Family problems, never miss in every year. Heart breaks, happens every year and at least twice in half year. :) Money money, im bankrupt every 3 months. Hehe .. 

Life life .. whatever it is in 2011, i'm still looking good on 2012. :) 


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