Johnnie Walker Black Circuit - Brazil

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

 Yo! I'm back :) Before i blog about JWBC, i've been so down & stress because i scored very bad in my previous semester's exams. Total of 6 papers, 5 of 'em scored so badly. I was hoping 3 of it to score A & B. but sadly no. 5 results released earlier, and finally the last paper's result is out today! Feeling so gan jeong, cus i putted lots of hope in it, i want AT LEAST a B+. cus i was pretty much confidence while doing that paper. & result is out ......................................... I GOT DISTINCTION! so happy :D finally i have one A out of 6 papers. Phew, not that bad. Ugh, gotta work much more harder in this sem ><

Went Johnnie Walker Black Circuit - Brazil at KL Live on the Saturday night, 26.11.11 with buddy.


DJs playing thru the night, overall was okay. I still prefer Hennessey's :) Gonna attend again for the next Hennessey. :D Free flow in the event, but dint get to drink enough, cus wifey not there to drink together. haha .. left around 2am.

Another event on this coming friday under buddy's invitation. Still thinking to attend or not, cus chest ache is back, the pain is killing me. Going for a med checkup next monday. Working as cosplay on this weekend at Teenfest'11. Teenfest reminds me of last year's teenfest :) Hmmmmm..

Bell <3

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