Hennessy Artistry 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello, super chan face. =/

As the title, it's about Hennesssey Artistry on 12.Nov.2011, Last Saturday Night at The Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center. Gf has 4 passes and thanks buddies for another 2 VIP passes. Me & boyfie took the VIP ones.

Overall, it was awesome & superbly fun. Enjoyed so much with gf, buddies & boyfie. Left at 2 and home around 3 as boyfie kinda took the wrong way. Drank not that much, there's Apple, Soda, Ginger & Berry. I likey all except for Soda as it taste kinda pure. =/

Chris Willis, Park Jung Min, Landy Wen and a few celebrities performed that day. I only took Park Jung Min & Landy's pic. Sorry for the bad quality as i did not went to VIP zone to take the pic, we was all at the normal zone with gf & friends.

 Park Jung Min
Landy Wen

I never expect Landy would sang sad songs like 傻瓜 & 童话 ft. Park Jung Min. Saw a few girls kinda tears . hahah .. 

Bumped into few old colleagues. Denesh & Priscilla. 

Remember the maxis Om Nom Nom race I joined around January? Naan Of Mai Business got the 1st runner up. :D Since we were all there that night at HA, we finally get a chance to celebrate.

*Cheers!* at the pic below: Ken, Me, SueFei, Jackie. Sayangs sayangs. :) 

 Part of the family, Pic at the bottom from left to right: Keat, Elves, Naima, Me, Min

 Me & Wifey, Min

Me & Boyfie, Elves

Check out my fb for more pictures :) Dint take a proper pic of the stage. Mostly are pics with buddies & darlings. Can't wait for next event with all buddies & darlings <3

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