Broga Hill - Life experience.

Monday, November 07, 2011

As everyone that knows me, I aint the sporty exercise person, i admit i don't do sport nor exercise. No joke, but surprisingly, went broga hill with mom, sis & mom's old school mates.

We went on the Sunday, which is 06.11.11, woke up at 3am, start washing up & prepare, then we are off at around 4am. Had McD for breakfast at Puchong Getaway around 4.30am. Reaches Broga around 530am. 

The sky was pretty much dark, we can only see the way up by using torchlight. Reaches the first hill around 645am. 

The view was pretty & beautiful. All the lights in town. We was at the first hill for an hour, was waiting for mom's friends and chill .. Then we off to next hill after around 730am+ . 

Way up aint easy, but aint too hard. I find it interesting. I'm surprise that i don't feels tired or run out of breathe at all. I can even run up. No joke, once again, i don't do sport or exercises.

Me & sis din't bother to buy a proper sport shoe, cus it's our first time so we dint wanna spend much. But we were wrong cause we wore the cotton on shoe, which was a real big mistake, it was super slippery. I even felt when i came down, but i'm fine, just kinda hurt my hands' vain & bone. 

Not forget to mention that i don't even do menial work, by climbing up these big rock, i manage to do it. :) I feels great. 

and ...

YES! We're all succeeded to reach the top of Broga Hill. It's a sense of accomplishment. 

Why would i say it's a life experience, it's likely an adventure/challenge to yourself. For me, it is. There were so many thoughts & i was pretty down of all those things i have in my mind & problems im facing. In this adventure experience, it taught me & gave me some thoughts & feelings. I always wish and need someone to care for me, I can hardly be very independent. But i've learnt that, if i don't take good care of myself, no one will ever does. My mom was busy taking care of my youngest sister, & i have to look after my second sister, So who's keeping an eye on me? Who feels the pain if i fall & got hurt? No one, it's all by myself. I'll be the one that feels the pain if i fall. Going up & down, i kept this in my mind:" The path is hard, there are many stones & rocks blocking my way, making my way harder, but i have to look clearly and walk every step carefully, i need to protect myself from falling down." . & i told myself, "Before every successful, there're always up & down, there'll be no shortcuts & things will never be easy. If i wan to success to reach the top, i must keep going and going, there's no giving up." . Lastly, the overall trip, taught me how to be stronger & more independent in life. & this has turned to be interest :) I don't do exercise and sports, so im making this activity to be once in a month or a couple month, It make me sweats alot & i found this activity very relaxing. It relaxes your mind. If your stress of work or anything, besides thinking of genting, choose this :) 

Btw, below pics are the route of the day. :) 

Goodnight, :) 


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