Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hello, im just feel like blogging now. For no reason, or mayb yes. Boiling bloods recently, Vampire Diaries 2. left 5 more episodes and im moving to season 3. How fast, but season 3 not all out yet, so mayb just continue my gossip girl first or pretty little liar season 2.

I hate all these stand-alone or one sided thingy. Like hello, who you think you are that every body has to be afraid of you? & what nonsense you think your doing to spread all unconscious stupidity rumors thingy. grow up man, I wonder what's wrong with you people has to be afraid of. Gosh. & why am i the one that has to understand and tolerate all these things forever? I never seen anyone understand or even tolerate abit to me. Sake. Can you baby-kiddo leave us alone? There's nothing bothering you, kay? what is wrong with you man.

Just heard that mom's going Europe for 11days + with her company trip, how fun would that be, she's been to so many asia places like taiwan, korea, japan, even paris & france, all for work, hardly she can enjoy. & now she's going europe, for trip :) Im begging her to get me my gucci purse, but she refused to. ): Sad much. It's okay, as long she get to enjoy there :)

boyfie been very busy for work recently, and this whole entire month. I gotta find smth else to fill my self up. that's suck.
i've so much things in my head, it bothers me so much, stressing out of it. this is even sucky. -.-
gotto go, to continue my salavtore brothers <3

Jay's releasing new album on 11.11.11 :)


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