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Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm back for good. Been busy for work more than studies in the past week. Due to deepavali holidays on Tues & Wed, plus only an hour class on Mon, Thurs & Fri. Past week had lotsa fun. But am being good girl only went out twice with my boy & friends. :) Rest of the time spent with family & myself at home with my Vampire diaries 2.

Overtime @ Tropicana City Mall on the Wednesday with my usual darlings & my boy.

Min, my all time alcohol wifey. She's super duper alcoholic, don't try to challenge her :) 

As i was saying, working on Thurs - Sun @ the Mines for CIMB Golf Tournament. Job under Chang Beer, a thailand beer, easy job, just stay inside the bar & serve drinks :) Gf replaced my partner on Sunday. Yay, working with gf :) get to spend some time with her. :D 

On Saturday, down to OU watch Hong Kong Ghost movie right after work, with boyfie & darlings. It's wasnt that scary but people know me well, they know i cant take all these. Been quite a lil nightmare recently ): Dinner at Nando's after movie & down to Giza the beer factory for some party, since it's halloween :)

 The family :) 

 Chuan & Min 

Ahhh, gained weight >.< Pampered myself too much on foods. Haha, back to topic, Saturday night party was great, games & drinking, but party ends at 1230 cus min & keat gotta down to Neverland (place where i want to have a look) & 1230 has already exceed my limit, others went yum cha after that. 

Went The Ship @ Damansara yesterday night for baby sis's pre birthday celebration. :) She loves presents. Hehhh .. 

Having cough recently, that's really bad for me as i'll definitely cough for a month as always. ): thanks boyfie's mom being caring. Shall off for 1ep of vamp diaries then to dreamland. 


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