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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hi guys, blogging after a week. Lousy blogger i know. Started my second semester of degree yr 2. First week classes was just okay, as u know, first classes of all subjects are just introduction and stuff plus first week was bored due to an hour class everyday. -.- Received a few mails asking where i got my clothes. 

Monday :)
Skinny Jeans: Nichii 

Tuesday :)
Top: Cotton On
High-waist skirt: Sungai Wang
Shoe: Cotton On

Wednesday :)
Top: Cotton On
Skinny Jeans: Nichii
Belt: Macau

Thursday :)
High-waist Skirt: PenBeauty
Belt: Nichii 

Friday :)
Cropped Top: Deflea MarketBoutique
Lengthen Shirt: Cotton On

Great-grandma admitted to hos again since tuesday, sighs. Mom went Phuket as runner & tour guide for work. So dad gotta take leave from work to take care everything. Her operation postponed from ytd to Monday. :( She'll be fine! :) 

As i've finished my Kheilh's Lip balm within a month -.- trying out QV's as recommended by gf. It results not bad, hoping it'll heal my lip. Sighs. 
Been staying at home on friday & saturday night. Imma good girl :D All because i was sick =/ flu and fever headache for a week d. Tsk. 


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