Monday, October 10, 2011

It's 10.10.11, a binary day :) It's Monday & it's Blue. Exams are all done, finally. Party right after exams. Nothing much about the party. Imma having a week break before the new semester. Will be going back to work in my Uni  ;)

Imma actually been super relaxing during my two weeks exams cause i've been drinking for 4 days during exams. My party mood has already on before my last paper end. LOL.

Last paper was on 07.10.11 Last Friday. Had lunch and chilling with friends at Picadily after exam. Then down to Changkat Bakita at 9-ish with my boy & friends. Was supposed to go Envie Club Lounge at Changkat but it was empty cause the crowd starts at 11. ):  So we changed to Bakita, & I like that place cause every 15minutes there will be promotion. Btw, reached Changkat around 10-ish.

around 11-ish, we off to Viva Home Overtime to join my boy's sister & friends cause they ordered 4 Barrel & funniest thing is they do not have enough starker -.- Dint drink much that day cause there's around 10 + .

It's my boy's sister in white.

Not forget to mention that i puked badly on the way home, im not drunk nor drink too much, simply because i was drinking in a super duper empty stomach. Was starving. Dint really had a full dinner. ): Overall, the night was fun ;)

Aight, gotta go down for dinner.


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