Sunday 021011

Monday, October 03, 2011

Today's paper was fine. 2 more to go. Gotta study hard for the rest of this 3 days then im done with these exams. & 1 week break next week, are you thinking what im thinking? ;) Friday night planning for night chilling with my boy & bunch of friends. Next week must party rock!

Btw, My 1st sunday of October was fine. Had Starbucks chilling with friend.

My Mocha, His Green tea, My Tuna :)

A lil #random here ..

Was bored in car yesterday so taking #random pic. My all time must have item in bag :) Sorry la, this is why i seldom go out under the sun during day time, only stay in the mall or houses. :) I can complain and yell alot if i got a lil bit darker or tanned.

My second design for Chanel Tattoo . :)

Went for dad's pre birthday celebration, was at Citta Mall, newly opened at Ara Damansara. I love the environment, very relaxing and chilling. But i hate the elevator cus i got trapped inside with my family! & i almost fainted cus mayb i was too panic or nervous or smth, i couldnt catch my breathe properly.

Dined-in at Kay's . A very nice place and nice food.

Mocha, Mushroom Soup, Rosmary Lamb. 

#random picture taken at the restaurant. :)

Off to bed now, sleepy tired :D 


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