New Month New Start :) 021011

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yo people, im back for some updates. :) I was awake since 8am, haha. Couldnt sleep, and i've been waking up at 7-8am for the whole week. godknowswhy.

Was exams on Mon, Wed, Fri. 3 more to go on this coming Mon, Wed, Fri then im finishing my 1st semester of degree yr2. Gosh, time flies. Before exam, i was working for Federation open Drift at Bukit Jalil on 24,25 Sept.

Met lotsa pretty hot babes, im the shortest & chubbiest. <=O Work was great with nice people and pretty babes. A lil spice up for my blog.

 See! Im the shortest! omg ):

For more, check on my fb :) I stole all pictures from friends & photographers. Hehe .. More Pictures here :)

So yea, during exam week. For people that clearly know me, i never stress myself up for any single thing, though i do, but it wont be long. I was superb relaxing during my 1st week exams. Guess what?

Yes yes, my boy has been screwing me up badly. >< & i was supposed to join my boy & friends at Beer Factory yesterday night but dad dint allow cus i've been going out too much recently. So i dint get to drink =/ Haha .. Alcoholic much, okay, promise to stop for a week till my boy is back from his trip.  Konon-nya . -.-

Before i end, received a number of request that where i get my chanel tattoo. I got them from Vogue Maison which there's Rm55 for 6 Pieces in a set. :) It's really nice. Got my bracelet from the same shop too. cheap & nice! ;)

Xoxo, be back soon.

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