Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday Night & im home, being good girl :) Kononnya . My a week holiday is soon to end, starting the new sem next week. Time flies. Well, did not waste my time on this week break. Back to my Uni for work on Mon - Thurs. Accompanied my boy on Mon & Thurs. Brussels on Tuesday night. Basically imma very good girl this week. Haha!

Grey On Tuesday.

White on Wednesday

Pinky Peach on Thursday.

As im home the whole day long today on Friday, so no color for the day :D 

As i said, Brussels at Jaya One on Tuesday Night with brother. Oktoberfest is still going on, we both had 1litre of Hoegarden, just to get this giant 1litre glass. Planning to gift to my boy as he love collecting beer bottles .. 

I'm on the LINE! add me up :) 

Ugh, the night is quiet & bored. Guess i've used to fill up my Friday & Saturday night. & i just realized that i've been drinking atleast twice a week since August. Tsk tsk, this is bad cause i have weak body. Oh well, alcoholic much, what to do :) 

Imma planning to head down to Laundry Bar @ The Curve next week for Oktoberfest :) Who's on? 


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