Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I feel like scribbling something else here. Trying out Blogger App in my phone. Let see if it works well. But it seems having a Lil bit problem aligning the picture here. Still figuring out.

Finally finished my drama, Pretty little Liars. Waiting for the next season. I don't "boil" dramas, so it'll take me some time to finish a series. Anyway, I love enjoying movies in room. Still waiting for my Vampire diaries season2. I love the Salvatore brothers :)

I was supposed to be at Pavilion Overtime for new starker launching -Dunkel . Godfrey Gao officiated. I was supposed to be my friend's date as he got the VIP invitation & his date got invited to the stage to hug Godfrey, but at last I did not make it cause I promised BFF for updates session. So yea, I missed to be the luckiest girl.

BFF session was great. Always the lame jokes & fun & great moments. As usual our spot @ Jaya One station One. There's no secrets & awkwardness in us :) it's been few months we nvr got together. Can't wait for next meet up.

Kinda stressful recently, god knows whatsupp. Driving me crazy honestly. Forgetful, arguments, cheap guys will no balls, gosh, my life is so miserable. Thank you boy. But everything is soon to over. I can't wait to end September. Not a very good month but also a certain great lovely days.

October is when everything gonna start & I'm all on my own. I gotta start my job & more more jobs, my own life .. Etc etc. My life is somehow getting cooler with cool people around me. I love my friends & everything now. I promised will never lose anything anymore, I've losses & missed too much before that.

Driving alone today to college for I only 30minutes. Nothing fun, just a Lil like a tigress. Ain't in the mood this morning & noon but I'm much fine now :)

Meeting up, lunch with girlfriend tomorrow. Hopefully I could make it, I mean, she :)

That's all for now :)
Xoxo, Bell

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