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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hey guys, i dint mean to left this site just like this. Im really stuffed with many things recently. Especially assignments. Dying for it. Slept only few hours for the past few days. & i have 2 more submissions on this thursday, things not even done. I feel so stress till i keep having gastric these days & almost fainted last week.

Starbucks a lot recently.

My all time fav, Chocolate cream Frap & New fav Caffe Mocha (: Went breakfast w/ friend this morning at Starbucks, it cheered my day up..

Been going Pavilion last week, 3 times. Mon, Wed, Fri. -.- Sooner it'll become my second home. Movie, lunch, dinner, chilling, all at Pavilion.

Went drinking w/ the lovelies on the past friday at Overtime, my all time fav.
Was happy hour, buy 1 barrel free 1 barrel. So we got two. Larger & Aromatic. I still prefer Larger, second barrel Aromatic finished in 45minutes after im home. First barrel Larger finished in 2hours time. All crazy drinker. I aint one of them :) I just love drinking, starker & hoegarden.

Lots of things happen recently, like always. But im proud that i could move on a lil faster. I've realized many things, & i've got all enough from the past. Time dont wait, it flies. So appreciate what your having, dont struggle with the past, look forward, think positive & wisely. :)

Btw, i was about to get Fred Perry 2010 Autumn Winter collection book, Bag. But i decided not to after some comments & review. So am now saving for my Zara bag. So into Zara & red recently.

Only can choose 1 from these 2. Both price not much diff, So im getting the bag. But not now, saving for it. >.< Bankrupt now. Ish.

Okay, be back soon. 3 more days & i'll be free from assignments, then 1 more week+ exams ):


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