Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How's life? Mine's good :) It's all about events & parties recently. Hennessey Artistry, Johnnie Walker, 7aste, never stop drinking, omg. But I love it. :p

So yea, what's in the past week was hanging out with friends, studies, 7aste event at Laundry Bar The Curve, dinners .. Nothing much happening. Gonna blog about 7aste after i get pictures from friends :)

Dined at Jarrod & Rawlins on the past Monday, then dined at The Hills yesterday.

Chilled at BFF's house with red wine yesterday night, it was great moment with BFF, always & forever :)

Was working at Teenfest'11 on the past weekend. Only on Sunday cus i wasn't feeling good on the Saturday so i took a mc.

Working as cosplay, a girl monk, shao lin. :) Work was fun, always. Regretted that i missed on Saturday. Tsk.

Collected dear's new baby Vios yesterday .

:) Happy ..

OMG, I'm getting more and more forgetful, i cant hardly remember what happened in the past week which i wanted to blog about it. ):

Anyway, living my life to the fullest now. Parties, Events, Hanging Out, Studies, Playing & Mixing around and all .. :) Been going out quite often recently, and coming back home late like 1-2, dad kinda pissed off, i shall be good girl this week :P As if ......


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