Ola 2012 :)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hello! How is your first week of 2012? First week of 2012 is soon to the end. Mine week was just, okay .. The year kick started badly. Wasn't in the good mood in the week, but im good :) At least Hennessy V.S.O.P NyX Launch cheered up my week on the Thursday night :) Will blog about it once i got the pictures from friends.

Finally got my 2012 Starbucks planner, :) It worth RM88, but i redeemed it with 15 Cups of beverages. o.0 Anyway, it gonna go through my year with me. 2012 gonna be something special for me, cause imma turning into 21 this year!! :)

Have you shopped for your CNY yet? Mine done, i guess? As long i don't walk in to any mall, then my shopping is done :) Bag, Shoe, Clothes. I've got all!

New shoes for my CNY :D I spotted another one, but im running out of budget now >.< Fyi, Imma 200% shoe addict :D

Oops, as i said, 2012 gonna be something special for me.. I gave myself a first try and a new change ..

Guess what! I've got copper brown for my hair to start the year :) But it looks abit bright under the light, ): Im like a Persian Cat!! >.< I always and always wanted Maroon Brown, but i don't know why i ended up in Copper Brown. Deng >.< let's get used to it first, gonna change before my Birthday tho :D


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