July 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hi guys, im finally blogging after a month plus. There's too many things happened, mood goes up & down. Overall, July aint a very good month.

First of all, had Bak Kut Teh at Kelana Jaya with my boy for breakfast. It's a rainy morning, like superb cooling. BKT would be the best choice :D

My eyes aren't healing any better. Ugh, fed up seriously.

Besides my eyes, im having some fungria (bacteria + fungus) in some part of my body. No joke, & It turned me down so badly. I almost wanna give up my life but it's not worth it. Ugh, sighs. Then i had diarrhea for a week, like w.t.f till i had hemorrhoid (wtf again). i walk and move like a zombie.

Besides weak body, i had heart broken. This is really wtf of knowing what has happened. It turns my life so miserable. I almost had a cut on my wrist. But i decided not to, it's not worth to die for it. I was all pretending, it's so suffering. Sighs. But after all the arguments and all, i chilled & had a better thought. :) it's enough & no more struggling.

Well, there's bad & good ofcourse.

My elder sister (cousin) is finally married. Hahaha, oh well, her before-marriage was a bomb. All the nonsense and bullshits. It's all pointless seriously. But at last it ended perfectly :)

Purposely bought a gown for her dinner, as im doing her bridesmaid. The gown costed me a big fortune, rm299.90 . mom bought for me, thanks :) Well, i guess it worth it. Don't have a full body pic, will post up when i got pictures from them.

Pity guys, :) Having some hard time, hahahaha ..

Ahhh, life. had some night drinks with friends recently. Beer makes you sleep better, isnt it? Well, it keeps me awake the whole night long. :) Stupid kan? -.-

#Mypad for #iPad2 is awesome. Not forget to mention, it camera kinda .. hmmmm, & i'm 1cm to get an iphone4 white then mom changed her mind, cuz brain washed by her friend. -.-

xoxo Pinky .

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