Monday, October 11, 2010

101010, seems special hm.
There are people happy and upset on that day.
Well, it's just an extraordinary Sunday.

It was my last day working at Sunway Pyramid - Guardian.
Kinda 不舍得..

Everyone there are so nice and friendly (:
I worked for L'Oreal's product, as a promoter.

Aunty Karen aka Aunty Banana :D
She cant really read chinese.
She work for L'Oreal for around 20years ++ .
She's so nice, and funny..

She's Jeanie. 
She's a promoter for Laurier.
Our first met was so awkward to me. I thought she's a customer shopping around cause she was holding a recycle bag. Then i headed forward to promote her L'Oreal's products and she told me she works there too. And i was like, im sorry .. in the awkward voice. 
I always thought she's my age, even hun said she's 15. She's very tiny and i can tell she's superb nice friend. 
On the 10.10.10, we had the fun. 
We sneaked out to the toilet and went Daiso for shopping. It's been so long since i last had a girl-friend shop with me and walking around looking out pink stuff for me and having fun around.
On that moment, i felt so nice .. It reminds me of my 5years back gf. 
She even got me presents, and we know each other for like 8days only. How sweet of her ..
Loves much babe. 

Daphne, she's mix. 
She's work for Sunsilk. 
We started work at there on the same day. :D 

Casandra, know her for only 2days.
Haha, i think she's cute. :D 

Overall, i had lotsa fun for the 8days and especially on the 101010.
Everyone share their free gift, all of us walk around in the shop when the manager is away or on-leave, we chit-chat around during work. And lots more fun!

I must say it's my funnest job among all jobs. 
I'll probably begin a new job, promoter for Adobe Cs5 roadshow, going around colleges. Tomorrow's stop at Saito College. (: 

Bought this in Daiso. All their stuff are like, SO CUTE and CHEAP MAX! rm5/each . :D 
I think this probably sell around rm10 outside. 

Yes, i do have blacknose. I mean black heads on my nose. Feeling like Ewwwww right?
As i've mentioned earlier i bought the Blackhead Nose pack from skin food. So i need this toner to tighten my blackheads pores. It seems kinda works for me. 

This is from Kate. It's a free gift. :D Aunty Karen get it for me :D 
As i said, everybody share their free gifts around, as long you exchange smth :D or no. hehe 

I had gifts from Jeanie Lovely.
A photo album.

A Mickey mouse file :D 

And a mini file from Jeanie, this is specially mean  so much to me.
We was walking around in Daiso and i spotted this. I wanted to get it but i din't cause im trying not to run out of my budget plus im not urgent to use it. 
Then a really big surprise from her, she said she saw i likes it so she bought it for me.
SO sweet kan? 

Honest speak, never a girl-friend did this to me. She makes me wanna cry on the spot that time, i felt so touching. Awwww .. 
Loves you babe. 

I had a surprise for you people. 
But also a small secret. Look around my blog to look for that post. I'll blog it tmr, or maybe later. So just stay tune (: 

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