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Friday, October 01, 2010

Today's paper was totally screwed, most probably.
At least half of the question related to the tips i've got.
The saddest thing isnt how i screwed my paper, but everyone has got a better and different tips for the exam than what i got.
Ok, i mean, even my friends do have but non tell me about it.
Well, all i can blame is myself for not asking around about it because i already has the tips so i din't thought of "new tips" or "even more accurate tips" .
Who knows, wtv.

It reminds me and the past feelings. I was so down.
I wish i could tell someone everything from the beginning till now of my life.
And it could be a big sigh.

Had a BFF session at OU's BBQ Plaza.

had talks and fun with the BFF, as always.
How i wish i could have a GIRL BFF instead of two guys. It doesnt mean i dont love my two bff, i do love them very much. They are the best-est friends in my life.
But what im trying to say is, i want a girlfriend. Like i do in the past 4years.
I used to have a very twin gf, and i thought we could last forever and she's the best.
I actually miss my form2 gf the most. The really twin sister of both of us and very best gf i ever had in my life.

It then became the past tense.

A camera is a compulsory-must-need when BFF session (:

Uhh, BFF was talking about giving me a english name.
Because they think Pinkabell is kind of kiddo and jieyi isnt a english name.
they were suggesting Delena or wtv, i couldnt hear properly and they said i am not sexy enough for that name. LOL.
I love my jieyi, although most of the people can NEVER pronounce jieyi properly. big sigh.
and i don wanna leave Pinkabell. because it's already 5years with Pinkabell (:
Whatever, i don't bother about english name, but i do wish i could have one, special one. I never like having same name with people. =X

Do suggest (:

I can never have a clear mind, it's always complicated. Thinking a lot. How i wish i could be on the phone with a gf. Sigh.

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