Teewee !

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Im back to the world wide web :D *Welcome me* Lols.

Any of you miss me?
Finally i got back my streamyx. The greatest thing. Can you imagine how's life w/o streamyx? I mean online. I was so bored till death, soon. Haha ..

Wasn't busy, but i was working on the 20-24 Oct, the past week from 10-10 .
I can tell it's seriously tired like mad. o.0

Working w/ the team was great. Nice and friendly peepos.

Get to know some sweety babes ..

Sharon, one of my closest friend at the roadshow :D

And the nice bosses/staff ..
From top :Left to right - Joy , Kean , Wilson
From 2nd top to bottom (Left row) - Maggie, Adrian
And the group pic you can see Jennifer & Haoyi in the middle. Esther & Sharon on the left (blue shirt) and Dinesh in red on my left (right, from your view)

My very first Roadshow job and it was so great. Im gonna miss them, the Singaporean bosses/staff. (:

Went for a KL one day trip w/ my cousin, she was actually going around KL watsons' store for work so i followed her.
Midvalley, Kajang, KLCC, Great Eastern Mall, Pavillion.
I get to shop awhile and also bought myself some thing.

I bought this, Benefit's Concealer. It results really good and can use for eye & face which im looking for. I dont like bringing two diff concealer (1 for face 1 for eye). So i decided to try this and cost me a big buck!

then the next day, mom came to me and tell me my aunt actually help me to get Skin79 BB concealer. and i was like ,SHIT !

Im not sure what i should do now, i don wanna sell of this cause it's superbly adorable !
It's in pink that's why i requested her to get for me when she travels to Korea. Still, it cost me a big buck. The cover is actually like a mirror and there's another mirror inside. I'd sell it of if it's not in pink and so adorable, but i can't sell of Benefit's one cause i pretty love it.
It matches my skin tone and it's so good and ............. What should i do now -.-
Is not like i'll finish a concealer within a year right, concealer can use for few yrs i guess? Since i barely put on make up now. Only my BB Cream and that's all.

I love my naked face (w/o make-up) (:
Well, i think i better keep it first or i'll just sell it off (the BB one) ): I know, a big sob if i ever did.

Taaas, that's all for now first.
WIll be back moree :D

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