I miss youu

Monday, October 18, 2010

I miss my blog so muchh ..
TM is taking soo so long to do my Unipack ):
How long more i have to wait? Big sob.
I can only go online using my phone, even now blogging using my phone.

Got so many to blog, afraid by time tm fix d my memories gone ==
Not really busy lately, im bored like mad and no money ):
totally bankrupt.

Surprise i received few request for my profile, hoping to receive their calls for job.
Currently received 2jobs, OU One World as Membership Recruitment Officer and CIMB Asia Pacific Golf Tournament at Mines Hotel. This week and next week. But sadly only can go for OU's one and another daddy dont let cause too far, *money fly*
One job for this whole week, Wed-Sun . Better than nothing. 3more weeks to my sem2 (not including this week).

Jobs jobs, me lovey (:

Btw, mummy is back from Bangkok and as usual, moreee gift.
This time she bought back 30+ pretty nice, high quality and cheap bags. Naraya bags.
Imma gonna ask mom's collegue to get more for me for the next trip and i'll start my online shop.

Imma bags lover, I've took 6 of them. :D Greedy, wanna take more but trying not to cause mom gotto give to cousins.
The bags are so so much attractive, so pretty, elegant style, nice, vintage style, flora, not forget the materials are thumbs up and price is cheap max!
Gonna post up some sneak peak of the bags, so stay tune for my online shop. I'll guarantee you'll buy with no regrets! Your gonna love it, :D


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