Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear readers,

Im back to blog (:
Currently at McD, Section 14 since 1030am (: and im still here.
Had Hotcakes for breakfast and having some fries now.

Days were boring max w/o streamyx. I've terminated my previous line cos am applying the Unifi student pack. Cool ey? 4mbps for only rm88 ;D happy much.

Went Sunway Pyramid yesterday for an appointment, Thanks KV bbf for a ride. Then a lil shopping at Daiso while waiting hun to pick me up.
And you have to know the things there is consider real cheap max and cute maxxx, you know the answer.

Bought this cute lil recycle bag, i thought is those type that you fold and become like this, But no.

I opened up and it surprises me :D

It's a big one inside and the small one is actually seperated! Cute kan?
Okay, no regret buying this. I was actually cos i have quite a number of recycle bags, cute one, nice one, wtv design. But after i realize it's actually a seperate one, i think it's okay (:

I bought this big-gap-comb from there too. I've been looking for this one very long and i finally get it there and it's available in many colours, plus it's transparency.


Oh, not forget i went for Badminton session w/ sis and her friends on Tuesday.
And now my both legs and left hand muscle pain max ): cause i barely do sports, only gam fei exercise. Hahaha ..

Uhh, i don't know how many days more till my streamyx is back ):

and i've been playing the Sims one the tuesday night for 8hours non stop. Hahah ..
No idea where are the printscreen pic of the sims. Will upload the next time i blog, (if only i get to find it (: )

Kay, that's all for now.
miss me kay? I've got so many to blog but not nao.
Stay Glued aight?

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