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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

That's why i say, walking in Sasa is a big mistake for me.
I was just to buy a eye brow trimmer or wtv you call it, it cost only rm4.90, but i ended up seeing rm21 flew away.

I bought this bag, was persuaded by the girl. The big one rm14 and original price rm30+ she said, then the small one rm8 and original rm13+ she said.
So i think think, i rmb i like this bag cause of the design. I looked inside-design for only 2seconds and i say ok. Therefore i walked out with rm21 gone !

It might be a lil small amount for you, but i'll tell you why.

Firstly, this is a make-up kit/case. I personally already have one, a a pink leopard print but i need a slightly bigger one cause it's kinda small for now.

this is how it looks like.
If im the person always travel, i dont mind buying this cause i can put my mask, facial stuff, cosmetics and all.
But you don't expect me to hold this out to the malls with my cosmetics inside right?
Plus it doesnt have any small pockets inside. Cosmetics will be messy up side down.
First regret -.-

I even walked out scolding myself, wtf i buy this? hahaa,

secondly, the small one.
It's like a pencil case, im still thinking what i wanna use for it.
It doesnt have any small pocket inside too.  Why would they call it a make-up case in the first place -.-

if you ask me:" Why do you even buy then,?"
I'll tell you, the reason i buy, i because i cant help loving Sasa so much and supporting their stuff.
Plus the design is so much attracting, it's in pink and polka dots.
Nothing can ever stop me from buying the item if it's in pink. Rmb?

Uhhh, it's keeping nicely in my wardrobe.
Thinking if im not using it, i'll probably sell it, AGAIN. But might no, cos it's promo price and nice (:

Decided to get this for myself, wanna give it a try cause i never use these before, -.- wtf.

I bought this from skin food, as Biore ran out of stock for the black one.
Heard it's really good, so i give it a try. 7pcs for rm17. ):
It results not bad, and looking for a real good toner/contraction water. i dont know what it calls.
Any suggestion/recommendation?

Oh btw, my new love.

I bought this for almost 3weeks already and i love it.
It moisture my skin and also whiten my skin. It gives me a nicer skin tone, not so yellowish anymore (:
And it smells soooooooo good. :D

Teehees. ♥

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