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Sunday, October 31, 2010

It was my Greatgrandma's 95 Bday ytd ..
As usual, we had a family dinner at daddy's friend's restaurant.

I think it's been century since i last posted her picture here. She barely want to take a picture and she never smile to the camera, or less. Haha ..

She's a very nice person, she love good manner people (:
I actually posted about her previously, click here .

I always thought she's above 97 cause i serious don't rmb her age and she always looks so beautiful to me (:

In our family home, we never mis anyone's bday, especially the old one (:
Whenever it's their bday, we'll definately organize a family dinner where all of the family members a-must to attend (:

Hmmm, time flies.

We had some family talk-s at the dinner .. well, it gotta be a secret in my blog, you'll never know the people might come across my blog (:
My life is so, Many Happenings, the grandmother stories. -.- Wanna be my listener-s ? :D

Hmm, i shall not remind the past and make my family's tomorrow better (:

It's baby sis bday on this coming tuesday. I havent got her anything and no idea what to get too .

tsk tsk.

oh  yea, my dad was screwing me saying i put make-ups at this age cause he saw my [Want to Sell] cosmetics, bla bla, saying i bought so many but dint use and now cant sell ): Big SOB.

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