Who knows If you Don't try ?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Phew, not as tired as i expected (:

6hours break today, OMG! LOL.

thanks Ben ang gu gu for laptop, but sorry for the late return =/ IM SORRY LEHH!! DONT GIMME THAT FACE !! =X

stayed back for a lil practice for this friday night MCN =D seems fun huh..

It's fun joining coll's events. No harm joining, and to join and experience how it actually doing. (:

tmr gotta stay back again.

Sien, Only him♥ joining the fun ths friday night, others all out to MOS and lazyness. LOL, i don't club okayy. =D

finally COS group assignment is almost done, just gotta prepare the slides and that's all =D I'm all prepared. ngekk!

and left ITA & FMTS assigns. hmmm, gonna take it easy.

GAWD, 4hours duty tmr. 1hr+ rehearsal tmr. gonna tired like maddd..

(: taa, gotto finish up my slides. =D

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