God knows what's happening..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dont be suprise, early morning im here blogging (:

I've been missing out few days of not blogging, missing my blog so much but the pass few days i wasnt in the mood to blog.

taadaa.. sienness ..

on sunday, me and my sis and my aunt, we baked cupcakes and make mooncakes (:

teehee, yummy yumm..

things been stressing me out these day, and things been repeating non stop.

i wonder why.

i don wish to know.

it's all complicated and confused me.

I wonder what's on earth things been repeating and repeating and never gonna end, unless the world end.

-- xoxo.


I've received an email, i dont feel suprise after reading it. but as usual my tears couldnt stay back whenever i receive or hear al about this.

i always know and undertsand, how much she had done and how much she love us.

i just wat to say, we love you too M.

Wtb has done before, i know it will never happen again. i wan you to know that It all because I've grown up.

M, I love you. I will not and never promise yu anything, but I will prove to you that how much i've grown up, and how matre i am.

I love you, M.


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