Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I don't know, I don't even wish to know.
I thought things 'd change, and you too,
yet you dissapointed me, and again.
isnt you've promised it won't happened anymore and things would be better?
Im confuse, what your thinking actually.
What's actually in your mind?
I wonder who am i.


Teehee, and again. Niceday(^0^)V

as usual. LOLs.

Eh! I miss you both la!! Sam & Ken!! and Sue! m(__)m

tsk tsk, mummy girl will always missed all the chances with frens . 。。゛(/><)/

ish ish.

tomorrow's my presentation. Woohoo!

wanna know my topic?

will tell you tmr, or mayb u might can guess it.


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