Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Who am I ?
Who are you ?
I dont feel secure, once again ..
Im feeling down right now.
I wish you could appear right now but i want to be alone for a moment.
I don't feel much. lesser and lesser..
Im confuse, what should I do..
Things happened again, but some might nvr gonna happen again.
Cause we knew it shouldnt.
hmmm, nth much to blog for today.
My presentation was okay, not bad. but kinda of nervous.
My topic: Pink COlour. hahahah!
Day's Kinda bored.
But it's okay.. I've got used to it.
Define Alone/Lonely.
Could you?
What a special day, o9o9o9. it only happen once in your life . Nvr again .. NEVER!

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