Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I lurvey this pic so much (: this one is definately after edit, but i also lurvey before edit that one ♥
OMG, the sun is superb strong now. Am totally meltten X/
designing my brochure now, and left report & documentation thinking how to do. after that am so gonna have to start Ms Access immediately, no kidding man. Left 2 more weeks.
and yea, my group assignment. Ish! thinking all the material's name and the price. ofcourse i've thought of my product and my members accepted (:
Phew, luckily still have ice-cream potong in my fridge. else im so not gonna do anything right now. =D
I wan my rainbow shebert, and hor, itu "Ang gu gu" still owe me. ngekk ngekk! (wonder if he'll view my blog today) ngekk!

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