Me myself & my shadow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nothing could be better than family. ♥
No one you can fully trust, but only yourself.
There's always a limit putting trust on a person.
You wouldnt and never know what's in their mind.
Things, always happen and happen, repeats and repeats.
and when you reach till the end of your trust, you'll realise, we can never trust a person 100%, but only 80%.
Keep another 20% in your own. Because it's already Hurt.
It's hurtful, when you fully trust the person, unlimited.. but all you get is THE END of all the trust.
Sam & Ken, i miss you both so so badly!! can't wait to see you guys tmr and sorry that i couldnt manage to countdown for you Sam, Love you both! ♥
sometimes there's no harm trying to live with your own shadow. (:
during break time, while waiting for sor lou, sor po alone, with her shadow staring at the sky and feels the wind at rooftop for 20minutes.
it makes sor po realised alot and relaxed so much. Tears were good anough to stay back, (:
Thank you sor lou for accompanied.
Let's not continue with the sad ones.
I've participate an event in my coll, it's on oct. (:
I hope everyone dont get shock after that, and probably i dont think many of em attending too.
But anyway, gotta get my stuff in 2weeks time. (: Cant's wait for it.
It's gonna be like a party! I hope so* ♥

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