Your My Pink Drug.

Friday, September 18, 2009

OMG, ytd night im totally high on my PINK DRUG. im totally out of control, gone crazy with my PINK.

I saw this Satria Neo, in PINK, which is the PINK i wanted for my future car, and with the RIM, and the light border. It's all PINK! Oh-My-Effing-GOD !!

I cant stop myself going crazy over it. !! URGH!!!


Phew, i must stop it!

It's not and never suprise i go crazy over pink (: YOU'LL KNOW ME.

Having my rose lemon tea and sms-ing with him ♥

Holiday begin, thinking of my plan(s) .

Definately no. =/

Now am suppose @ SP with him but aiks. It's okay. We have plenty of time ^^

OMG, line is superb bad. tsk tsk..

Hmmm, bought my Mister Potato ^^


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