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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I received an email from my previous agent regarding a future job, she dint state the full details so i thought of checking the details in their pages because they might advert the project. Then i saw a msg saying that they have banked in our salary for the previous project and so i quickly went to check via online.

I was so happy myself earned my own hardwork money. Fyi, am easily satisfied person, (: I even saw i did earn myself commission!

This is the only pic i got when i working at Sunway Pyramid Guardian for L'Oreal Elseve project. I stoled this pic from my agency page.

It's my first time promoting products all by myself, ofcourse with the help of Aunty Karen (: You may check back my previous post about working there

I remember when i worked in Maxis last yr, i do promoting too but it was with few colleagues. But this time is all by myself *proud* . Hahaha, blah, ignore me (:

Talalalala .. gonna withdraw the salary and deposit in another bank account to  save the money. LOLs.

Was watching GG season 2 the whole day, (:

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