You gonna MISS ME !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey peeps, Im back to blogworld. I promise ..
Anybody still here? ): Im sorry, don't leave my blog kay?

If you follow me in twitter/fb, i was badly down since last week .
But im feeling better now already, thanks all darlings for caring. *hugs*

Was working for BunnyBid in Teenfest 2K10' in Midvalley the past weeks, 12-14Novmeber.
Here's some pix..

Met up with my BabyDear♥ last week for dinner and a lil shopping.
Haha, i think she always have a hard time in deciding which shoe to buy.

Started my sem2 last week. Everything's going fine, is just that, im having 1hour class today from 1035-1135 am -.- and tomorrow 2hours only, 830-1030am . So w-t-f much -.-

Gahhh, it's so bek chek when everything crashed together ..

Jay's concert's tics sales open this weekend, im definately going for his concert but sadly i couldnt queue up for his tics, gotta ask friend to help me buy due to transportation, again . -.-


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