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Monday, November 08, 2010

This is the top i bought from Uniqlo for rm39.90, it's an inner collection. I looks so fat w/ this =X

I always wish i could be in the tv, that's one of my dream.
Somehow i found this tvc vacancy and i applied and im requested to go for a casting within these few days so hun said he'll fetch me there tmr (:
it's just a casting, but i feels nervous though it's not my first time.

I've went casting for twice, first time was when i was age 11 for a milo commercial. But i did not get chosen cause they said i swam too fast -.-
Another one was for a movie, i manage to pass all my stages but i din't get chosen in the end.
Hmm, gotta try my luck and best for tomorrow's casting. (:

I failed in the water-marble nail art, idk why. I followed every single steps correctly, and it's all because i have lousy nail colors -.- even i used OPI still phailed max! ):

Big sob.

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