My empty promises ):

Friday, November 05, 2010

Don't ask me why i don't update my blog that regularly =/

Yesterday was fully scheduled.

Accompanied hun to dentist at 930am, then bert came to pick me at 1130am to OUG for a job briefing (next week fri - sun, Teenfest @ MV), then down to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with babe sharon at 2pm for a job interview at Wangsa maju (job on 25/nov). What a bad jam otw there.

Had dinner at wangsa walk with babe's friend, emily. (: A lil shopping then home around 530pm. and the jam was seriously badd max. Well, atleast the jam gave me a sweet time which i wanted for so long in my life. (: thanks babe.

Hmmmmm ..

021110 was babysis's 10th bday. Gave her a bday celebration, will blog about it next time (:

Did you notice i always gives an empty promise? I realized that, =/ I'm so sorry.

Kinda bit regret taking Web Media, i aint creative at all, im gonna fail in this path. But it's too late to change now and if so am wasted alot money ):

All i can do now is to work harder, learn harder. Hmm ..

babe sharon gave me a black ribbon hairband. It's tying on my hair, and din't take a picture of it cause all i rmb is to use it. hahah ..

Gonna meet up with BFF tmr night, or either Sunday night. Then gonna plan a day to meet up with my honey jeanie & probably calling daphne too next week wed/thurs. Hopefully she'll be free. Haha :D

My life is feeling better now, :D If only you know why, (:

*hugs* .

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