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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Went Farenheit88 today, second time visit there.

Im sure everyone knows that Uniqlo launched on the past Thursday and i heard it was superbly flooded. LOLs. And i pretty believe now.

The putted a queue outside the shop and only opened 1 entrance. There's total of 3 floors of Uniqlo. The queue never shorten, but we still went to the queue and patiently wait for our turn.

Within 10minutes it's our turn. It's all about winter season clothes in Uniqlo, i think the prices are all fine and they're now having promo rm49.90 of most of the item (np rm79.90) .

I wanted this sweater, but it's rm99.90 so i rather not get it. I only bought a long sleeves top w/ only rm39.90 . it's a inner wear, something like to keep you warm.

Went to this shop called Ola, and spotted this skirt.

Pretty love it and it's rm69.90. I don't mind paying myself but mommy doesn't allow ): I wanted to get this and another black and white strips one, so i can have new skirt for coll formal wear (: but still, ): Gonna try look around in Sunway Pyramid Asian Avenue next week.

They have like 2 items for rm100 and i spotted this ..

Layered sleeveless top. (:

It's kinda cute, myself already have few of this type top. But since no body wants to buy so i dint get it cause it's 2 for rm100 and if my aunt could get her size, she's paying for it. Kekek ..

Mmmm, another week is ending and i left another week to back to study. Hmmmm ..

Teehee, bye :D

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