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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's tuesday already, 6more days to classssss =/

Went OU around 1130am, bought this heels from VOIR, cost me a big buck -.0

Cost me for RM79.90 -.- 

I never pay for a heels, usually mommy's money. The last pair was rm89.90, but aunt paid for me. It was for my college 2009 Annual Year end dinner. 

I can say it's my very first time paying such big buck for a heels ): 
back to the main topic, i bought this heels for my this weekend's job. They want black heels with open toe. 
I actually have one but i can't stand for 12hours with that heels, so i decided to buy a new one. And since im buying a new one, i bought this cause it looks nice. 

Olaaa .. 

Met up with babe sharon then off to casting. 
Overall the casting was good (: Im satisfied with my doings. Hope i can pass. (: 

Dopped babe back to OU, sorry i gotta left you alone =X next time out snowflakes bou fan sou k? :D 

Sighs, i afraid i gotta cancel my date with honey jeanie and daphne this thursday, okay, daphne confirmed she cant make it, but honey said she's fine, hopefully i can atleast make it =/ Sigh, due to some incident ): 

Gahhhh, i've got so so much to say. *like always* ): 

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