Time Flies

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I know i've not been updating my blog regularly like last time . Cos somehow tired with studies and i don't wanna bored my reader with no-idea-what-to-blog post .

But keep update with me via my twitter http://twitter.com/JieyiPinkabell (: I'll be there 24/7 . :D

Feelings, is a thing people can barely control. Like "Can you control yourself from loving a person?" "Can you control yourself from jealousing a person?" (Mayb yes you can, but it's after that) .

Blah, so confusing .

It's already Middle of June, turning July very soon.

I did not list what i wanna do in the beginning of the year, did i? Nope.

So many things i wanna do, yet i did not hold the time.
But yea, there's tmr. But hey, what if ytd's and you do it tomorrow? That's not right.
Just like, you appreciate or try to hold back when things already gone.

I have so much to speak, so much to say, so many much words but it's remain silence. Because i know it shouldn't be spoken out.

I aint a robot, I can't control my feelings towards a thing.

#nowplaying Justin Bieber - Baby . (yea, i know many of you hates/dislike him, What-so-ever. I just think he's cute and his song relax me. Can somebody send me more his song? pls?)

As i've mentioned earlier in my fb status. Hubby's family dog, Chow chow - Baby . She's nao too old and with can-never-recover sickness. Have you watch marley & Me ? That was a perfect movie ever . (If you love dogs) . remember how they let Marley go and R.I.P ? Hubby's family is letting Baby go with the same way. I can't even stop my tears since the day i received the news. They have not decide where to bury Baby, and haven decide when to do so. Sighs.

How fast time flies, It's been 4years im seeing Baby grown older. From the Super cute active Chow chow to a Energy-less inactive Chow chow now. )':

I requested the family to allow me to join in when they are going to let her go.

Hmmm, can't believe i made to level1, degree. I never thought so because i used to be a dont-study girl. It's time to work much harder! I've also applied for Student Coordinator in the past 2weeks, Student Ambassador in Dec 2009. Both haven go into interview yet, Student Ambassador need some time to be promoted, so i gotta work harder the next time. Student Coordinator they said soon.

Yeap, i love doing these position because i believe it can lead me to a better future. But also need my own hard work :D

Hmmm, that's all for nao. It's family tea time. CIaos.


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