Night Market

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A lil update for my blog.
Currently at mom's office.
Went pm with sisters and mummy just nao. (:
Phew, am now so full. Bloated!
It's been so long sinced we last had a full stomach at pm.

Many people doesnt like pm, right?
But there are people do love pm alot, i do but not that despo.
People that so called hate/dislike pm is because it's too many ppl, too pack, people stealing stuff bla bla ..
I did met some you-don't-wanna-know cases. It's changed me something and also i got bit phobia of going pm too late, like after 9?

Hub dislike pm, he said pm is too pack and somehow dangerous and no parking etc etc ..
But i always like to pull hub along once in a while.
Reason why i like pm is because FOOD, and cheaper accessories :D
Fyi, i don't buy clothes at pm. hehe, but i do like to buy hair accessories because it's cheap and nice! Like my lappy's diamond, i got most of them from pm because it's like 3 for rm10 where the malls sell for like rm6.90 for ONE small piece or the cheapest goes to rm3.90 per piece which the small piece one. (that's still okay) i even met some sell the small piece one for rm5.90 or more ..
sorry la, i'm too poor so it's consider expensive plus these are actually fake diamond/crystal and cost only less than rm2 per piece in warehouse. So i think it's not really worth for rm4+ for the small piece one.

Besides, i love food in pm :D
Ok lah, they might not selling the high class food or the best food in the world, but they do have yummy nom noms. (:
Ofcourse, i barely got to a same pm everyweek, cos it'll end up quite boring ..

hmmm all i know is,
Monday - ss2
Tuesday - sri petaling?
Wednesday - Cheras (which i wanting to go badly)
Thursday - chow yang
Friday - idk
Saturday - Setia alam

i only went ss2, chow yang and setia alam's . I wanting to go cheras one because it's almost like setia alam's, very long and have 80% are foods, some food stall also came up in some food magazine.
Setia alam one still okay, i only went twice and both times i went is almost 10smth so most of the stalls packing up .. I shall go earlier next time when i down to klang (:
Dad never allow me to go Cheras one unless is with family because he said it's somehow very dangerous there ..


Woots! going Taylor tmr night for Ken's event thingy, anyone want to join?

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