First premier screening from Nuffnang !

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I found this poster is damn cool! I mean bella, she looks like avril lavigne, don't you think so?

So yea, Eclipse. Third movie of Twilight Saga :D
A movie for girls not to missed!
And for guys must accompany girlfriend to watch, isn't? hahahah!

So, my title of this post says it all!

My very first premier screening from Nuffnang and it's Eclipse ! 

Soooo happppyyyy !!!

(click to enlarge)

When i first saw Nuffnang appear in my inbox list, i was like huh? thought some informing of coming up event or smth. Then i saw the title and i was like I'VE GOT ECLIPSE PREMIER SCREENING???
OMG, i then jumping around and my mood just cheered up!

It's on the 7 July 9:30pm at Curve, Cathay.

fyi, i was so so in a bad mood with my both eye swollen because, i cried. -.-

So yea, :D then my second thought was, who should i invite? and i thought of Jo, bf's friend's gf. (:

(sorry sam, wanting to call you but.. *remain silence*)

Then need another for Cher if possible. =/

Wheeeee, so happy i've got chosen! lalalalalalalal !

teehee babe !

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