Day 1 trip - Ipoh .

Saturday, June 05, 2010

A family trip to Ipoh and Penang.

Day 1 (Friday) at Ipoh ..

Depart around 2pm . From PJ to Ipoh it needs around 2 and half hour ..

So let's allow the pictures do the talking ..

There's only 6 female, Me, sisters, Mummy, Popo and Auntie. (: Daddy couldnt join us because he dint manage to take leave from work, ):

So some cam pic ..

We first landed at Kellie's Castle, somewhere in Ipoh .

This is they called "Bear Tree" , spot the Bear there?

Top view from ze castle

Next ... back into the car to next station (: and time to cam again ..

She just cant sit still -.- 

Here we are at some temple . 

My life fav Journey to the West, Monkey King :D 

and my life fav animal PIG . 

My fatty sis trying to climb up unfortunately she needs some help . 

Sadly she gotta jump down DX 

I never deny i'm FAT ! 

Some long wall outside of the temple . There's actually few temples but closed, so only mange to go in one. 

Then back to car and heading to no where . 

Some they-said-nice fountain placed middle of the round-a-bout . 

So we stopped by Japanese Garden . 

My sis wants me to take this bamboo trees .. -.- she said it's in the japan world. 

Next, time for dinner (: 

On da way, saw this i-don't-know what it call building ..

Dinner at some famous chicken rice restaurant .

and our dishes. 

and overall only cost us rm34 . How damn cheap is this! It's consider quite a big portion and only cost rm34 . If compare to Jalan Gasing and Sri Petaling that two famous chicken rice, it's already 70+ . 

Bought "Lok Yau" after dinner and went in to this no-idea shop to get some souvenir.. 

After all , time to off to Penang . But we first stop at Juru to check out hotels at AutoCity then down to Perai, Sunway Carnival to look for mom's and aunt's friends .

So last decided to stay at Sunway Hotel, (: 

and yes, i did brought my own piggy pillow with me to everywhere .. I just can't sleep without it. 

Overall, we did not plan for the trip. All we know it down to Ipoh then Penang or many Langkawi . And we'll just stop by anywhere we want (: 


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