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Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's been sooo long sinced i last went for shopping and buy a piece of clothe.

The happiest spending on clothes moment is every year end shop for new year clothes. Else i barely spend on clothes when shopping, only shoes, accessories, bla bla . 

But even SHOES, i only buy a new pair when the current one is almost spoil or completely spoil. Else i don't buy a new one, this is my habit. 

But after since i got my third place prom queen in my Uni and got rm300 voucher from Carlo Rino, then i began to want-to-buy-shoe each time i step in a shoe boutique. :D 

Besides not-spending-on-clothes that often, i've cutted down really alot, like ALOT whenever i shop. Only window shop seriously. Must many thanks to hubby :D for getting mad at me and telling how big-spender i am. So this is also part of the reason why i barely spend when shopping, and 95% of my money flew to foods. 

I've never spend at online shops, only bags. I never trust online shop on clothes, cos i afraid if that size dont suit me, or it's too wide for me bla bla .. You know, im fat and short.. Unless im thin and short i don mind but chubby is sad enoguh. So there's too much of worries shopping clothes online. Plus im somehow choosy on clothes. 

FYI, i only want to online shop bags because i must say imma superb choosy on bags :D So only online shop usually gives what i want (: 

So yea, i start browsing online shops since last month (May) and somehow got abit addicted. 

This is my first dressy i bought from online, and i also got a mini jacket too.

I must say imma absolutely in love with this 101 dalmation-polkie-dottie dressy. It's short, but i love short dresses (cos im short, so short dressy makes me look bit taller and slimed my fat-legs) :D

Oh yea, i've purchased few more clothes online. I can't wait for it :D

p/s: Do not let hubby know i've spent on the number of clothes, he'll definately chop me off.

p.p.s: i've spent 4bags online within a month, 2 received, 2 on the way.

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