Day 2 trip - No Direction

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Checked out around 12pm and off to no-direction ..

We was saying to go Penang, but half way changed to Cameron Highland.

Sadly half way to Cameron heavy rain .. then we make a U-Turn back to Ipoh ..

Was quite a long way trip going no where .. and we cam alot :D

My sis "drawer" ..

and mine ..

Sleep sleep sleep in the car ..

Look at those cute clouds like cotton candy :D

and we were imagining how does the clouds look like :D

We then stopped at Bidor, Perak for a break.

Had wan tan mee ..

and continue our no-direction trip.

well, in too boring of sleeping .. so i made this ribbon ring :D

The highway is just too empty .

and yes we were heading back to pj after that, like around 5 smth ..

and all sleep sleep sleep in the car ..

lalalala, that's my weekends. haha (:

i can say it's kinda fun with fmaily going around yet no-direction .. we stop wherever we like, we go wherever there's a way (:

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