Cs5 Hates me ):

Monday, June 21, 2010

I must say i am a loyal users of Adobe. I start using 7.0 when i first use, then upgrade upgrade till cs3.

Recently Few months back, Cs5 released!
The reason why keep upgrading is because of it's features and not forget it's nicer surface. Who doesn't want a nice surface software right? and who don't want to get up-to-date? :D

For me, i'll always get up-to-date for things i like ONLY.

So yea, i got Cs5 last week. And and and , till now .. i've re-install twice, because it couldn't work idk why.

after two times i re-install. It's still under Trials even i've crack or patch or what-so-ever i should do. The worst thing is, The first 24hours i finish installed, it works perfectly. After that, this thing shown. And funniest part was, my trial haven even begin -.- Then how it ends la?


So happy i got the master collection . But so sad i can't even use it more than 30hours.
an hour ago i was playing with AI and DW . then nao i want use PS , "your trials end" . -.-

Hais, damn sad. ):

Damn nice right the icons? especially the cs5 . even when it loading, the loading surface is so nice!

This is the Cs3 version .

and the Cs5. (i googled the picture)

Sobs, if Cs5 still can't work, i must really get cs4 suit of Cs3 .
Cos needed AI, PS, DW & Fl for this sem. Others i wan: ID, AE & FW for my own learning use :D

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